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Achilles Tendinopathy: Navigating the Road to Recovery with Comprehensive Physiotherapy Assessment and Rehabilitation

February 13, 20242 min read


Welcome to Salveo Physiotherapy, where we prioritize your health and well-being. In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of Achilles tendinopathy and emphasize the critical role of a thorough physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation in the journey toward recovery.

Understanding Achilles Tendinopathy:

The Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in the human body, connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Achilles tendinopathy is a common condition characterized by pain, stiffness, and swelling around the Achilles tendon. This ailment often affects individuals engaged in activities that place repetitive stress on the tendon, such as running, jumping, or intense physical training.

The Importance of Professional Assessment:

Achilles tendinopathy can manifest in various ways, and its severity can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain. That's why a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. Our experienced physiotherapists at Salveo Physiotherapy specialize in evaluating the specific factors contributing to Achilles tendinopathy, including biomechanics, muscle imbalances, and lifestyle factors. A tendinopathy will not fully recover if the predisposing factors aren’t first identified…

The Three Pillars of Effective Rehabilitation:
  1. Pain Management: Our physiotherapy approach begins with addressing pain and inflammation. Through manual therapy techniques, such as massage and joint mobilization, we aim to reduce discomfort and promote tissue healing. 

  2. Restoration of Function: To restore optimal function, we design tailored exercise programs targeting the affected area. Strengthening exercises (absolutely essential), calf stretches, tendon elasticity and proprioception retraining play a pivotal role in rebuilding the strength and flexibility of the Achilles tendon. We guide you through rehabilitation, ensuring proper form and progression based on your individual needs.

  3. Prevention and Education: Prevention is key to long-term success. Our physiotherapists educate you on achieving and maintaining sufficient muscle strength (not just in the calf!), proper warm-up techniques, footwear choices, and modifications to activity levels. Understanding the factors contributing to Achilles tendinopathy empowers you to make informed lifestyle choices that promote overall musculoskeletal health.

The Journey to Recovery:

Recovery from Achilles tendinopathy is a gradual process that requires commitment and collaboration between you and our experienced physiotherapy team. Our goal at Salveo Physiotherapy is not just to alleviate symptoms but to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to prevent future injuries and maintain optimal musculoskeletal health.


If you're experiencing Achilles tendinopathy or want to prioritize your musculoskeletal health, schedule a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment at Salveo Physiotherapy. Our skilled team is dedicated to guiding you through a personalized rehabilitation journey, ensuring a return to pain-free movement and an active lifestyle. 

Don't let Achilles tendinopathy slow you down – take the first step towards recovery today!

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