Loss of bowel control and constipation can be distressing and embarrassing problems that unfortunately are not often discussed.

These problems can have a huge impact on your life. You might find yourself rushing to the toilet to empty your bowel, accidently passing wind / stool or staining your underwear?

You may be avoiding intimacy and social situations, and be too worried to leave the house in the morning if you haven’t had a bowel movement. 

Constipation and difficulty emptying your bowel can leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable and sluggish. 

Many people experience bowel problems. Yet these are rarely discussed and they rarely resolve without treatment. 


Please be reassured that you don’t have to live with it or suffer in silence. Help is available at Salveo Physiotherapy.



Common symptoms of bowel dysfunction

Incomplete bowel emptying and having to return to the toilet soon after a bowel movement to ‘go’ again

Possible causes of bowel problems

How can we help?

Anal incontinence is when you are unable to control a bowel movement or wind. This may be a daily problem or happen from time to time. There

are several causes of anal incontinence and some are more common than others. The most common causes are damage to the internal sphincter inside the back passage or weakness in the external sphincter – the muscles around the outside of your back passage (part of the pelvic floor muscles) 
constipation is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. 
It is when you are not passing stools (faeces) as often as you normally do, you may have to strain more than usual or you are having ‘unsatisfying’ bowel movements where you are unable to completely empty your bowels. Constipation can also cause your stools to be unusually hard, lumpy, large or small. Making it more difficult to have a bowel movement.

Physiotherapy can help improve your bowel control and reduce urgency by strengthening the muscles around your back passage. Physiotherapy

can improve your ability to empty your bowels by teaching useful techniques and through reeducation of unhelpful habits to enable you to live your

life more fully.

What to expect

Advice to improve stool consistency to aid emptying.